Your wedding day is a very special day and is something to be cherished for a lifetime.  We create high quality wedding films utilizing aerial shots (drones),  full HD cinema cameras, stabilizers and camera sliders to bring you a crisp, clear, polished production of your wedding. High Definition wedding videos are available for delivery on DVD, Blu-Ray or Digital Delivery.

Please take a few moments to watch our video on choosing your videographer.  There are some do's and don'ts as well as advice on what your professional should be able to deliver.
We firmly believe in consulting with our clients about their needs, wants and what they expect to get out of their video.  The experience. The memories.  To relive those moments that would otherwise fade with time... Hear the laughs and to see the smiles.  Please call or email anytime to discuss how we can help you capture your day in a meaningful way.  

Basic wedding day coverage starts at $1,495

Intermediate wedding day coverage starts at $2,495

Complete wedding day coverage starts at $3,495

Our Top Tier wedding day coverage options start at $5,495 (please inquire for details)